The Pokémon Anime Is Leaving Ash And Pikachu Behind After 25 Years

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Keep going month, long-term Pokémon anime hero Ash Ketchum at last turned into the top mentor on the planet subsequent to overcoming Galar Champion Leon in the Bosses Eight Competition. It was the summit of a 25-year bend for the anime, with Ash and his accomplice Pokémon Pikachu at long last being delegated the boss following quite a while of devastating losses. Since Ash has achieved what he set off on a mission to do in that first episode back in 1997, what’s next for himself and Pikachu? It seems like a stroll toward the distant horizon, as it’s simply been declared the following time of the Pokémon anime will present two spic and span focal heroes in his stead.

Ash’s story will close with 11 unique episodes one year from now, that will likewise cover off the ongoing Pokémon Excursions: The Series. These episodes will begin carrying out on January 13 in Japan, and will highlight returning companions and natural appearances like Brock and Misty, the first pals who went with Ash in the early times of the show. All of this will clear a path for the following season, featuring new heroes, called Liko and Roy in the Japanese rendition. Not much is been aware of these new characters, but rather they’ll be joined by Pokémon Red and Violet starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

Following the news, long-time Ash voice actors Rica Matsumoto and Sarah Natochenny posted their own tributes to the character online, with Natochenny saying, “No matter what lies beyond his final chapter, he’ll live forever in the hearts of many generations to come.”

While it is likely great for the Pokémon anime to make a splash after north of twenty years of pursuing Ash and Pikachu all over the planet, man, this damages. Having these two characters be a long-term installation in Pokémon has made them a standard for each fan, youthful and old. We even perceived how much individuals thought often about Ash’s ascent to support when it worked out, as fans who had long quit watching the anime were posting celebratory articulations about how pleased they were of the never-maturing 10-year-old. However, now that he’s a Pokémon ace, there’s very little passed on to do with his story. So perhaps now the Pokémon anime can focus on new stories that assist it with investigating the world in another specific circumstance.

That is by all accounts a general subject of Pokémon at this moment, as even the games have moved their accounts to parts of the universe that go past serious game. Both Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokémon Red and Violet had stories that weren’t so focused on being a Pokémon Association champion, and they were considerably more convincing for it. So however miserable as it very well might be to bid farewell, perhaps Ash expected to achieve his objectives so the anime could track down new ones.

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