Is Razer Basilisk Ultimate worth it?

The Basilisk Ultimate wireless gaming mouse from Razer is incredibly sensitive, has a convenient charging dock, RGB lighting, and is now available at the reputable US retailer Best Buy for only US$69.

Among the best gaming mouse is the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. This wireless mouse has a very similar appearance to the standard Razer Basilisk, but it has a nicer thumb rest and a sharper front design. It includes a right-handed ergonomic design and a tonne of programmable buttons. It boasts a great sensor performance and a very short click latency. Additionally, it fits most hand sizes and any sort of grip comfortably. It does not, however, fit well in tiny hands. It’s a multipurpose mouse that may be used wirelessly or over wires.

I really like the Basilisk mouse series from Razer. First-person-shooter (FPS) style gaming mouse for right-handed users are distinguished by having a button located directly beneath the tip of the thumb. One of the most cosy fits there is for PC gaming. I also praised Razer’s Basilisk Essential model when it was released at a lower price point for introducing the form factor to a wider market. The Basilisk Ultimate, a wireless variant that costs $169.99 MSRP and upgrades the Basilisk’s exterior and interior while eliminating the cord, has been created by Razer for the power-gaming crowd. So, one of the greatest gaming mouse just got a whole lot better.

The basic appearance and feel of the Basilisk Ultimate are almost unchanged from the original. Although it only has nine programmable buttons, the right-handed model theoretically has 11 buttons.

Is Razer Basilisk Ultimate worth it?
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With Razer Synapse 3, you can map your preferred macros and extra functions to a wider range of commands. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate comes with the recognisable multi-function paddle just like its wired counterpart.

The standard two top clickers, a scroll wheel that clicks, and two resolution-switching buttons are all included. You get two macro/shortcut buttons on the side, as well as a detachable “sniper” paddle designed with first-person shooters in mind, which by default reduces tracking resolution to low sensitivity for accurate clicking.

This wireless mouse is a unique addition to your battlestation as you light up your opponents because each lighting zone can be independently configured in Chroma Studio.

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has a dial on the underside that allows you to adjust the scroll wheel’s resistance so that it is as smooth or tactile as you choose. You’ll be able to perform bunny hops, weapon selections, and other scroll wheel operations with more precision if you add this degree of customisation.

For workplace use, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse is excellent. Although it has a more gaming-oriented appearance, it features a right-handed design that is comfortable and ergonomic and has a thumb rest on the left side. It contains a number of extra programmable buttons that can be used to quickly browse through your documents or applications. It’s fantastic that the mouse wheel can even be adjusted so that you may select between a fluid or clicky scrolling experience using a slider on the mouse’s bottom. Even though the side sniper button may be difficult for those with very small hands to grasp with a claw or fingertip grip, it is simple to remove and replace with a space filler.

Is Razer Basilisk Ultimate worth it?
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Technology from Razer HyperSpeed Wireless
eleven programmable buttons, fourteen modifiable Sharp Chroma? Zones of RGB lighting
Resistance to scrolling can be altered
Optical Razer Focus+ Sensor

20,000 DPI True DPI Focus+ optical sensor with 99.6% accurate resolution
50 G acceleration at 650 inches per second (IPS).
Sensitivity adjustment that is made on-the-fly (default stages: 800/1800/4000/9000/20000)
advanced customising of liftoff and landing distance.

Both wired and wireless modes of use
Wireless Hyperspeed technology (2.4 GHz dongle)
6 foot / 1.8 metre Speedflex cable for wired use and charging.

Comprehensive evaluation reveals that the Razer Basilisk Ultimate‘s 3.8 ms click latency is actually quite low when linked via the USB receiver that comes with it. The right-handed user-friendly ergonomics of the wireless gaming mouse and the variety of customization possibilities offered by Razer’s associated software package, termed “Synapse 3,” were also highly complimented by the reviewers. On the other hand, this pointing device is designed specifically for gaming and does not enable conventional Bluetooth connections, which should be a reasonable omission for the majority of purchasers searching for a high-quality wireless gaming mouse in the US$80 price range.

A reliable mouse for travel is the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. Although it is bigger than mouse made specifically for this purpose, it is still compact enough to fit easily inside a bag or larger laptop case. It may also be used wirelessly or wired, which is advantageous when trying to use the mouse in a confined environment, such as on a plane. It is also small enough that it can be handled with ease in palm grip by hands of any size; only very small hands will find it difficult to use in claw or fingertip grasp.

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